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Everything You Need To Know About Breaks

The number of spots for sale during a pack break corresponds to the number of cards within the pack(s) scheduled to be opened. In order to keep things fair, a randomizer will be used to randomize order of the cards drawn. As such there is no guarantee that a spot purchase will result is a specific card.

Box breaks are very similar to pack breaks, but instead of a spot being tied to a card, it is instead tied to an entire pack. The available spots for a break will correspond to the number of packs in the box or boxes scheduled to be opened. Once again, a randomizer will be used to assign a random slot in the break to a customer, as such there is no guarantee that a spot purchase will result is a specific pack.

There will be times where we will be breaking entire sets. In the case of set breaks, the number of spots will correlate to the number of cards in the entire set. In the case where more items are added to the break, additional spots will be added to the break. For instance, if a set has 500 cards, and 20 items from other breaks have been added, then the total available spots will be 520. This will be always be disclosed in the store listing. Similarly with the other two break types, a randomizer will be used to assign a random slot in the break to a customer, as such there is no guarantee that a spot purchase will result is a specific card.

The date and time for a product break will usually be found on the product listing in our Product Page. You can always stay up to date with current and future breaks if you subscribe to our Newsletter.
With the current state of the market some items may be harder to re-stock than others. With that in mind, we will always be on the look out to replenish any products high in demand as soon as possible.
We typically ship 3 to 5 business days after the pack/box/set break happens on air. It may take longer after a large promotion. We will do our best to ship as fast as we can, if you have any questions about shipping please email [email protected], you can also give us a call at (561)-226-4602 Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm EST. Every package is shipped via FedEx with tracking (signature confirmation is applied for high end packages), once the package is in possession with USPS we are not responsible for delivery time, delays or lost packages. 
For International shipping we will ship once a month (or sooner per customer request). We will send out an email with the exact charge according to USPS (by weight). If you have any questions, please contact us at (561)-226-4602 Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm EST or email us at [email protected]
In the case you were unable to watch the live broadcast of a break, you can always visit our Unboxing Page ( or visit our YouTube channel (coming soon).
Yes typically there are two scenarios:

In the event a pack is short of the amount of advertised cards in the pack or box, we will refund customers in the form of break credit.  For example if a pack advertises 18 cards and we sell 18 slots but the pack only has 17 cards the customer who was awarded slot 18 will receive a break credit for the amount of the spot.
In the event that there are more cards in the pack than advertised we will award the card(s) starting with the first participant in the break then go down the list.
If a break does not sell out and you would like to receive a refund please contact us and we will issue you a break credit for the amount of the spot(s).

All Other Product Returns

All non-unboxing returns must be initiated within (7) days of receipt. All returns must be in the same condition as shipped (i.e. we will not issue refunds for opened product that was shipped unopened except for extenuating circumstances). Please contact us before shipping any items back for a return, authorization is required to initiate the return.
Buyer will be issued a refund in the same form as paid, unless store credit is requested, which will then be given in the form of a gift certificate to buyer’s account.
Buyer is responsible for return shipping, except for in extenuating circumstances. Unopened Packs, Inc. has the right to refuse any and all returns. For questions or to initiate a return, please e-mail us at [email protected].

Basic Important Card Terminology

There are 3 primary sources cards are graded by; Becket, PSA, and SGC. Beckett grades their cards on a scale of 1-10. They also include sub-grades (.5s), a card can be graded a 9.5 for example. PSA grades on a flat 1-10 scale. SGC initially grades a card out of 100, with the score then use to give the card a grade of 1-10. The factors used for card grading include: Centering, Corners, Edges, and Surface. Each attributes a grade of 1-10, which are then combined to give the card a final grade of 1-10. Anything graded above a 9 is worth book value or greater. For example a BGS 9, also known as a "Mint 9", is the condition expected of a card straight out of the pack. A grade of 9.5, also known as “Gem-Mint”,  is a card that is nearly flawless. This is the condition most collectors want. Then there is a "PRISTINE 10" which is often considered to be a “Holy Grail” type card.

An insert card is a card that is randomly inserted into packs. These are not part of the base set numbering system, and will either have their own numbering or no numbering at all. To stand out, they have unique designs that set them apart from the base set and are very rare. As their name implies, they are inserted at random within packs, and depending on the type of insert, they might have different rarity ratios. A 1:16 ratio specifies that on average one of every 16 packs will contain a card from that insert set. Parallel and autographed cards are also classified as inserts.
Hit cards, are inserts or high dollar cards that are typically the best card in the pack, box, or case being opened.

Refractor cards are parallels with a foil finish that allows for them to stand out from the rest of the parallels and base sets. They are often much rarer than other parallels and inserts, and offer a price premium if found in good condition.

Influential Modern Day Card

1973 Topps Rookie 3rd Basemen #615 (R.Cey/J.Hilton/M.Schmidt )

The unquestioned king of the 1973 Topps set is the Mike Schmidt rookie (#615). Schmidt is pictured along with fellow third base prospects Ron Cey, who did have an excellent career, and the lesser-known John Hilton. Only 6 PSA10s have ever been graded and only 1 sold in 2012 for $15,766

1975 Topps George Brett #228

George Brett, was the first player in baseball history to collect 3,000 hits, 300 home runs, 600 doubles, 100 triples, 1,500 RBI and 200 stolen bases. The Brett rookie featured the young prospect by himself, unlike the multi-player rookies of Carter and Rice. Only 10 PSA10s have ever been graded with the highest price sold going for $3,000 in 2020

1971 Topps Terry Bradshaw #156

This is the only recognized rookie card of perennial winner Terry Bradshaw. This card, surrounded by a solid red border, is susceptible to chipping and edge wear along the front. Only 3 PSA10s have ever been graded with the highest price sold going for $18,233.25 in 2006

1986 Fleer Jordan #57

This is the most recognizable basketball card and the most important modern card from any sport in the entire hobby. This 14-time All-Star and former NBA Rookie of the Year (1985) scored 32,292 points and averaged 30.1 points per game in his career. While Jordan did make a brief comeback as a member of the Washington Wizards, he will always be remembered as the man who led the Chicago Bulls to glory. This card, the most heavily counterfeited card in the hobby, is susceptible to chipping and edge wear due to the multi-colored borders.312 PSA10s have been graded with the highest price sold going for $110,000 in 2020


1979 OPC Wayne Gretzky #18

This is the key rookie card of hockey's greatest player. When people talk about the greatest athletes in sports, you often hear names like Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan, but one could make a great argument that none of them dominated their sport the way Wayne Gretzky dominated hockey. This card, which is tougher than its Topps counterpart, has to contend with a few major condition obstacles including chipping along the blue border, print defects and severe rough-cuts, making PSA Mint 9 or better examples very hard to come by. In addition, the centering on this card is often found in the 60/40 or worse range. Only 2 PSA10s have ever been graded and only 1 sold in 2011 for $94,163

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